"Earth may become on an instant all faery . . . and earth and air resound with the music of its invisible people... You may see the palace chambers of nature where the wise ones dwell in secret . . . and know an eternal love is within and around you, pressing upon you and sustaining with infinite tenderness your body, soul and spirit." – A.E.


With this rainbow we declare to all of YOU, who are working relentless and dedicated for the welfare of our people and Mother Earth, our deepest gratitude, our love and the certainty, that we are supporting you with combined strength. This rainbow should be the symbol of protection and invincibility of all the Beings that want to live together in Love and Peace. Please share this message and send your Love.

18th May 2012

С тази дъга ние заявяваме на всички Вас, които работите упорито и всеотдайно за доброто на нашите хора и Майката Земя, нашата най-дълбока благодарност, нашата любов и увереност, че ви подкрепяме с комбинирана сила. Тази ще е символ на защита и непобедимост на всички Същества, които искат да живеят заедно в Любов и Мир. Моля, споделете това съобщение и изпратете вашата Любов.

18 май 2012 година


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9.08.12 г.



Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
Dear Sisters, dear Brothers,
Ascension is one thing, Reality of what we Are, another.
Ascension suggests the idea, that we will be happier as soon as outer circumstances change, as soon as we experience as beings, identified with a body-mind, greater freedom and the end of “slavery” by those who have controlled us for Millenniums. Did they really, or did we allow to enslave ourselves?
Many say, they can’t wait anymore, they want to go “home”.
But what is home?
Is home a different  place than this one here, which will then host a perhaps more refined body-mind? Is it another dimension, which looks different, “more” subtle, “more” perfect, “more” beautiful?
Is this what “makes”us happy? Can we really only be, Who we Are, by changing the environment?
The ancient teachings of enlightenment seem to be neglected and forgotten in these times where attention is on ascension, as if it would be about an escape, out of our situation, while there is a tendency to confirm to one another conditional “good-heartedness” as our best and foremost true essence.
I cannot help myself but ask deeper questions. Not only that but to explore and experience the truth of our being-ness on a radical level.
Yes, sometimes I feel that tiredness too, being in this world of endless repetitions of promises which are  not kept. It is even now repeatedly pointed to the possibility that the powers that were, are still manipulating our timeline so that we seem to be captured in a loop-hole of finite time, appearing as infinite.
But then I remind myself that exactly this is the challenge to go beyond. What is shown to us through this is, how we identify ourselves with limitation, while we are unlimited beings, (not dimensional beings!) but eternal beings, beings of the Pure Radiance of Eternal Divine Consciousness and Love-Bliss-Light. How could it be that we then fall for the illusion of being incarcerated?
Is not earth so far a school to transcend this illusion and to remember who we really are, beyond any dimensionality? Did we not agree to forget, being a rule of this game of coming here?
And is it not, that we experience, what we believe is real? Is it not that we are here to learn about mind and go beyond?
I do not agree with the victim consciousness that blames the crazy controllers for all the misery we are experiencing! They only mirror our own believes and what we agreed to experience in this incarnation.
Ascension therefore is in the first place a growth in consciousness, and this can happen in every environment, even here and now, on still prison planet.
We can be free, we can experience the total freedom of our own  True Nature,  in the midst of all of this, and the more we do, the less can anything of this still odd world, touch us. Mainly, because it becomes less and less our reality.
I am not talking about a mindful experience of freedom, a kind of day-dreaming. This is about the literal experience of freedom, which is the freedom from  the incarceration in the realms of mind, and which belongs to the domain of pure and mere feeling. It is not the conditional, even higher dimensional feeling we know in the middle station of the heart, in the middle of our chest. It is unconditional feeling, prior to this body-mind construct.
There is a portal in the right side of the heart to that Utter Freedom which is of a beauty and breath-taking purity that is far beyond any beauty of any dimension, low or high.
To enter this portal, requires to first withstand and endure the pains of the currencies of mind frequencies, which are like boomerangs returning to our own electrical brain, reflected back from the finite walls of the chambers of our imagined worlds, low or high! This is the painful struggle we must endure and observe, before we are able to enter this pristine and untouched realm of our own True Essence and Home!
We can enter this portal even in this prison world – and there is nothing to “ascend”, but it is the way “out”, the radical way out of any limitation we are dreaming, gross or subtle, and even causal ultimately.
Yes, our body-mind might be tired! But are we the body-mind? Do we want to do this to ourselves and please the controllers by making common  cause with them? We don’t need to, not even now!
We cannot blame them, they are here to help us to go beyond our own limitations - by sheer exaggeration. To find ourselves right here. Have there not been countless beings in all the eons of human life on earth that found the way out, inspite of this illusion?
And have all of a sudden, as we more closely understand the game, our spiritual muscles become weak as we consent now to blaming, attached to self-pity, while we are throwing the great spiritual tradition with its glorious and graceful secrets of liberation out of the window? 
The  Winds of Freshness and Eternity, the Happiness, blowing and flowering from there, where no mind is, from the Hole in the Universe on the right side of the heart, which is the Opening to our true Freedom, and Which is Source, - these Winds are always ready to sweep away all the false ideas and images we dream, while wandering the path of the search, in low worlds and in high worlds.
To wake up, there is no world like we know or imagine. There the dream in the dream ends. The Clarity is all-consuming there and it is only old habit to allow to be drawn back into the magic of the worlds. However, to know this Freedom makes us free, where ever we are, whatever the body-mind experiences, low or high. We must remember and not forget. It is there where True Love Shines.
With much love,


Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,  http://radiantlyhappy.blogspot.com
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via transformation33@gmail.com. Thank you.

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