"Earth may become on an instant all faery . . . and earth and air resound with the music of its invisible people... You may see the palace chambers of nature where the wise ones dwell in secret . . . and know an eternal love is within and around you, pressing upon you and sustaining with infinite tenderness your body, soul and spirit." – A.E.


With this rainbow we declare to all of YOU, who are working relentless and dedicated for the welfare of our people and Mother Earth, our deepest gratitude, our love and the certainty, that we are supporting you with combined strength. This rainbow should be the symbol of protection and invincibility of all the Beings that want to live together in Love and Peace. Please share this message and send your Love.

18th May 2012

С тази дъга ние заявяваме на всички Вас, които работите упорито и всеотдайно за доброто на нашите хора и Майката Земя, нашата най-дълбока благодарност, нашата любов и увереност, че ви подкрепяме с комбинирана сила. Тази ще е символ на защита и непобедимост на всички Същества, които искат да живеят заедно в Любов и Мир. Моля, споделете това съобщение и изпратете вашата Любов.

18 май 2012 година


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18.05.13 г.

When You Need Reassurance – A Message from the Angels – 18 May 2013, by Tazjima

When You Need Reassurance, We are There – A Message from the Angels – 18 May 2013, by Tazjima
We are the angelic legions of the Divine Mother. We welcome you back to your Self, beloved ones.
As you go through your daily activities, we walk by your side. We are a part of the greater You, existing in the realms of Light, as emanations of the Creator.
Now, during these times of much trouble and turmoil, both individually and at world level, we stand beside you. With a word from you and through the authority granted us by your Soul, we guide, protect and mentor.
Know always that we are a part of that inner voice that speaks to you, like a clear beam of light, penetrating through layers of doubt and fear, when you need reassurance that you are on the right path for you and for the Creator, for whom you act. All experience whether it is deemed positive or negative in the eyes of society is of equal value on your journey of experience and getting to know yourself. What “society” has approved in these times is often not of value to those who are actively on the path to self-discovery and re-union with the Soul and Monad. What appears “real” in the eyes of many is simply not real in terms of what exists beyond the minute surface appearances of the crumbling structures of 3D reality.
We encourage all those who are currently wrestling with decisions and temptations to actively listen to what emerges from the center of your being. Is your “gut” twisted into knots; is your sleep less than satisfying? Are the temptations dancing through your head distracting your attention from what is really important in your life today… your personal Ascension and that of the planet?
Certainly all of you continue to undergo bouts of intense clearings, even if you thought you had worked through most of the layers of the unending onion. Remember, dear ones, you work not just for yourself but for the many millions who will and are already following in your footsteps. You have placed yourself in your particular environment to be the shining light. If that light sometimes gets smudged with soot, know that your angels and guardian elementals will help shine it up.
The strength that emanates from your center will guide you back to the path that you have been following all your life, at first unconsciously and now more consciously. A dear friend of our scribe recently remarked in regards to her being presented with temptation:
“From my experience, this has been more about smoothing your connection to yourself. We are presented with a situation which appears to be all that we thought we were seeking. Yet, the voice within (and it is our voice) simply repeats what it knows – this isn’t love.
It takes a while for us to understand exactly what it means since everything – emotions, physical feelings, what we have been told by the world – appears right. It’s that little word, ‘appears’. That’s the clue. We are seeing beyond ‘appears’ to the reality.
One aspect (of the experience) is that it shows we are being protected by ‘ourselves’ without having to rely on someone else to guide us.”
Learn to trust that silent voice or feeling that emanates from your center, from the wisdom of the Heart and the calm clarity of the Higher Mind. It is your Self speaking to you. And it contains all the love, forgiveness and understanding you require to feel centered and whole, again. You may have felt that you have left the Path but you have never left your Self behind. It has your back.
The connections within are being re-wired in each one of you, strengthening the outer awareness of your connection to Source, to your Soul, to your soul family or Monad and to the Creator. Each day as you undergo more clearings and various experiences, as your body is bombarded by cosmic rays and CMEs from your own solar body, Sol, you are becoming what you have not been in a very long time, a completely conscious HueMan being… an angelic being encased in form. This is not an easy undertaking, but you were chosen to make this journey on behalf of the Creator and for the sake of many who needed you to guide them on their way, at least initially.
Potted Kitty
This is a magical time for those who are embodied on planet Earth or Terra, as some would call her. It is also a time that is challenging all the constructs that have been erected over the past few centuries above the wreckage of the more ancient, grounded civilizations that preceded the present modern world in which you find yourself. The flimsy structures of 3D have had their foundations ripped from beneath them. All that is false is now being revealed, in your own personal lives, as those things and thoughts that are not the “real” you and those things that society has deemed important but are no more real or valuable as fool’s gold.
Seek the treasure that lies within, your connection with the Soul and with Creator. As you grow in self-awareness you will create your own world, the one that you want to live in, not a miscreation formed in the mind of another and forced upon you.
We are here as a part of the resources given to you by your loving Mother / Father God, your local representations of Source, who are not in and of themselves Creator, but who work on behalf of Creator even as we do.
Discover the peace that exists within when you are in complete alignment with Self. Discover it and cherish it for it will be your protection as you move through the challenges that will appear in each of your lives in the coming months and years. What has been falsely constructed in your societies must be cast down and recreated in wholeness, to the benefit of all not just a few. The destruction of what you have known as the real world will affect all, but in the end, all will benefit from the changes.
We are here for you and lovingly assist when you call out to us to come to you. See our presence in the smile of a stranger, in the antics of your pets, in the beauty of a flower and the freshness of the air touched with rain.
We go now, in peace, knowing that we do the work of the Creator. You, too, do the work, even those who are not aware that they are here to assist Creator in experiencing itself in all its aspects. Rejoice in the knowledge and honor your selves as being worthy of the Creator’s love and regard for your many sacrifices and for your many joys that you experience along the way.
Thank you, beloved angels.
Copyright © 2012-13 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. http://bluedragonjournal.com/

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