OUR HEARTS ARE HUGE TRANSFORMERS ~ Heart Meditation ~ The Creator breathed creation into existence. We are deeply connected by our breath with each other and with all of creation. This ocean of air is the world’s heart, it holds all the joys and all the darkness that have been thought, felt, or said through the ages. The purpose of entering the Planet as a human being was a very well planned way f…rom the soul level of bringing in mercy and blessing to the Planet.  We are beloved children of the Universe and the Universe cherishes us and loves us and needs our love in return.   We are powerful beings with an amazing heart that can transform negativity into joy.   Negative  thoughts and feelings do not disappear they become forms, and stay in the atmosphere, and when we live unconsciously we are affected by the thoughts that are not even our thoughts. Our HEARTS are huge transformers, they are huge wellsprings of compassion.  Our hearts have the capacity to breathe in the entire world’s suffering, transmute it with compassion, and breathe out all the benediction and joy into the Planet.  We have the power to transform pain into love! HeartMath science now prooves that the electric field around the heart is so huge, the heart’s bioelectric capacity is 5000 times more powerful than that of the brain.  And science has also proven that the feelings emanated from the heart talks to the magnetic grid of the Planet and creates reality in amazing ways. The capacity of our hearts are enormous, physically the strongest muscles in our body are the muscles of the heart, they are the first to form before any organ is formed in the womb.  We literally begin life as ‘OUR HEART’! We have been so long living from the mind and our senses that we never thought of connecting or living from our hearts. Inhaling breath into the heart and exhaling out through the heart, brings an enormous calming effect.  When we practice this art we will discover our inner magic. The magic of the inner healer within us.  We do not need to breathe in love all the time, our hearts have the power to transform pain into love.  As benevolent beings of unconditional love, we can breathe in the suffering of the world into our heart and breathe our all the joy and blessing and mercy to the Planet. In practicing this HEART MEDITATION, we tap into our own healing energy, we discover our inner magic, we become fearless, and start feeling a tremendous connection with the world. The earth transforms wherever we are. Heart Meditation can be done anytime, anywhere, for 10 minutes everyday, by placing the awareness on our heart as we breathe. This Heart Meditation is a most powerful way of bringing ‘HEAVEN’ into our life and for this Planet.  Let us choose to bless our beings, our home, our Planet, and build Heaven on Earth! Blessings! ~Premlatha Rajkumar~