"Earth may become on an instant all faery . . . and earth and air resound with the music of its invisible people... You may see the palace chambers of nature where the wise ones dwell in secret . . . and know an eternal love is within and around you, pressing upon you and sustaining with infinite tenderness your body, soul and spirit." – A.E.


With this rainbow we declare to all of YOU, who are working relentless and dedicated for the welfare of our people and Mother Earth, our deepest gratitude, our love and the certainty, that we are supporting you with combined strength. This rainbow should be the symbol of protection and invincibility of all the Beings that want to live together in Love and Peace. Please share this message and send your Love.

18th May 2012

С тази дъга ние заявяваме на всички Вас, които работите упорито и всеотдайно за доброто на нашите хора и Майката Земя, нашата най-дълбока благодарност, нашата любов и увереност, че ви подкрепяме с комбинирана сила. Тази ще е символ на защита и непобедимост на всички Същества, които искат да живеят заедно в Любов и Мир. Моля, споделете това съобщение и изпратете вашата Любов.

18 май 2012 година


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1.10.11 г.

Suzanne Spooner: Today’s TAUK Message from God…..Recipe for a great weekend :)

Posted by Laura Tyco in Channels and tagged with
Suzanne Poulson Spooner on Friday, 30 September 2011 at 16:59
My Dear One,

You can see in your world a light and a darkness. Understand this is just an illusion to give your ego hope for an extended experience. You are the decider of what information is experienced. Imagine a world and life at war and that is what you live. Imagine a world and life of peace and joy and that is what you live. In the crossing of the two worlds, parallel universes really, your ego gets in the way and moves you into unease. Live in the universe of peace and joy for this weekend. Have a table set with food you love. Take time to meditate and release the old world of war and conflict. Give yourself permission to clear your agenda and just be. Imagine your life in total joy and peace. This is not the illusion, it is living in the Now. I am waiting at the table and the food is out of this world!

Wasn’t planning on posting 2 messages today but then this came throug

h… :)
by Suzanne Poulson Spooner on Friday, 30 September 2011 at 21:09
God & Gabriel
9/30/11 1:58 PM
Being in your energy is lovely today. [Thank you, I'm working on being in the now. Are you speaking as a group today?] Yes we are. [Excellent, thank you in advance for today's teaching. Shall we get started?] Yes.

Today we will learn about karma’s role in 3-D life. Operating in the dimension of three, is the fundamental understanding
 of karma. Universally karma was imagined as a way to remind a soul to awaken from it’s amnesia. All souls who chose to experience life in third dimension took on the greater purpose of forgetting and remembering their divine origin. Combined with free will, this set the stage for the human experience. Many lifetimes and learning in-between lifetimes were required in this grand experiment.

In this prototype was the deep inner knowing that all participants would imagine/create/ manifest All. They would destroy and build. They would love and hate and live and die, never imagining, until just the right moment in time that they were the only player in the game.

Once this memory was restored, little by little & lifetime by lifetime, a connection was re- established with Creator.
This was not the fundamentalist belief in Creator. This is the Creator who loves all no matter what. This Creator has no agenda on your personal beliefs. This is the creator that knows you as Himself and One with All.

The gift of karma was given to balance the experience of duality. There was a time table set in the universe for mass awakening. You are now in this final moment of this third dimensional experience. To give your love to all who are living out their final roles in this duality experience is your great job. Be. Make room for your brothers and sisters at this table of one. Come share your knowledge and invite some more! When you see with your heart the grand purpose of karma, duality and free-will, you graduate into the Moment of Now.

Channeled by Suzanne Spooner www.tauksite.comLive with the ascended masters, this is your reality. You have done well and in this learning experience you have imagined both sides of the coin. Be grateful for all players, be they perceived good or bad. All were needed and all are loved. Live love dear souls.

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